Joe Lorincz

As I’m dying the memory of life fades like the morning fog, as the sun dries the moisture, and there’s fog no more.

What If?

n594800763_159807_2021 What if what we call our imagination is more then our minds wandering into uncharted territories

Personally I am leaning towards the feeling that our imagination is simply a connection

A connection to parts of the infinite self of the universe of what we are part of and connected to

Or in other words our imagination is a door to our realities that has not been experienced yet

It is yet not in our memory banks of experiences so it is not yet real to us

On this planet we live in a knowledge based belief system

I’ve been there, done that and I have the tee shirt to prove it

We are not much more then our memories of our experiences

Which becomes our knowledge

And our knowledge becomes our limited reality

A knowledge based existence of an infinite spirit searching for self

We know self as one

We are searching for who we are and the self or the one

All the while we can only recognize the one who is actually searching

The one who asks “am I only who I know myself to be is there nothing more to me?”

So the learned or programmed self is searching within its programs of what it knows

An infinite loop of questions asked based on and within what we know

Our questions are at the mercy of our knowledge

We can only ask questions based upon what we know

And to make things worst

We ask the questions through our only means of communications which are words

To make things worst; what we know is based on misdirection and outright lies

Outright lies to program our minds for the reason of imprisoning our infinite spirit

Imprisoned sleeping minds of this prison planet; wake up

Stop searching for the self; you already know the self, it is the one who is searching


Allow the infinite you to unfold within your experience

The vehicle that will take you there is within you
You describe this energy as a feeling

Through this feeling allow your mind to be taken to unknown parts of your infinite self

To the place we describe as imagination

Imagination is the chariot that will take you to unknown parts of self

There is no such thing as crazy or ridicules

Only imagination that is ahead of its times

For nothing can be imagined if it does not exist already somewhere in time or dimension

You may ask; how do I know this

My answer is I don’t know this, I FEEL THIS

Nothing good ever came out from my knowing

Yet all things I own was given to me through a feeling

My life, my possessions are but the total sum of my accumulated feelings

As my infinite self unfolds; I allow limited knowledge to live, but only for the purpose to observe

Encourage your children to imagine

Piss on past knowledge of what imagination and life is

No one should know

For once you know


FEEL; the only weapon that destroys knowledge

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  1. Zorah Leduc Aug 29th 2009

    “Imagin all the people, living live in pease!!!”

    Thanks for your deep insides and wisdom Zorah

  2. Really enjoyed our 4 hr conversation/expresso at the crossroads in Manchester, Ontario. You’re truly creative and gifted…a 21st century Michaelangelo! Your works of art help unlock our “sleeping minds” and in a sense, illuminate our souls…the Lord has truly blessed you for this purpose.

    Fred Weaver
    Scottsburg, IN

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